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Université de Lyon ( UdL ) is one of the largest academic institution in France, with more than 90 000 students and 9000 permanent staff. Inside UdL, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 ( UCBL ) is dedicated to Sciences, Technology, and Health care, including more than 60 research labs.

Two labs of UCBL are contributing to the IREL 4.0 project : the Polymer Institute ( IMP ) and the Material and Interface Science and Technology lab ( LMI ). At IMP lab, around 250 people are working on all aspects of Polymer Science and Technology, from Synthesis to Shaping, and the downstream Functional and Reliability testing. At LMI lab, around 100 people are gathering competences on Semiconductors, Metals, Ceramics. Experimental activities in the lab include Synthesis, Transformation, Assemblies, Characterization and Functionnal testing.

The activities at UCBL also include the design, fabrication and characterization of functional devices. The fabrication of test vehicle and devices takes place in the Clean Rooms of the 3 sites of the common NANOLYON platform, which can handle wafers and material samples with dimensions up to 100 mm. The two labs are members of the “Ingéniérie à Lyon” ( I@L ), part of the “Institut Carnot” federation, aimed at fostering the cooperative research activities bridging academic and industrial worlds.


Together with the UMS industrial partner and the 3-5 lab, UCBL will support to the development and validation of specific High Reliability Wafer Level Packaging ( WLP ) technology adapted to GaN based microwave HEMT Chips / MMIC’s, for frequencies up to the W-band. This kind of chips and circuits require both low loss Microwave Lines and Connections, together with highly efficient Thermal Management, performing well over the existing technology for Silicon and GaAs chips.

UCBL, 3-5 lab and UMS, will select and validate the best suited polymer and / or composite materials, both for the electrical passivation and the adequate overall protection of the heterogeneous chips to be integrated together into “System in Package“ ( SiP ) units, intended to be collectively manufactured as “Assembled wafers“.

Key contribution

UCBL, 3-5 lab and UMS, will select together and perform pre-validation testing of potential new materials, shaped as thin films and molding compounds. The new materials are intended to perform over those used up to now for the integration of chips around Silicon and GaAs active components or MMIC’s. This pre-validation will include all relevant aspects, from basic properties and robustness of the materials, to shaping, molding, manufacturability, sourcing, and reliability assessment.

Experimental test vehicles will be designed, both with the most popular existing materials and the best chosen new materials. These test vehicles will be fabricated, and subsequently characterized, before and after accelerated ageing under aggressive environmental conditions.

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

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