Project Objectives

Preamble - Advanced reliability is a key differentiator of electronic components and systems

  • Customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy.
  • To cope with customer satisfaction, there is a need to predict the remaining life of the system (or the remaining life of its most important life limiting components). This topic is named as prognostics and health monitoring (PHM).
  • PHM refers to the process of predicting the future reliability or determining the remaining useful lifetime of a product by assessing the extent of deviation or degradation of a product from its expected normal operating conditions.
  • Prognostics and monitoring are not about trouble-shooting reliability issues. It is the combination of data and deep physical (and technological) insight that will give a unique “right to win” in the semiconductor industry. The future possibilities for using big connected data in reliability applications are unbounded.
  • Lifetime models that are based on this data have the potential to explain much more variability in field data than has been possible before.

iRel40 has one primary objective:

Improve the Reliability by reducing the failure rate (measured in ppm)
Hence, iRel40 will be a nucleus for a new European reliability expert community, enabling differentiation in the ECS Industry.

The five strategically measurable objective are the following:

Objective 1

Define needs and requirements for future ECS applicants to drive improvements and prediction of reliability alon the value chain chip, package, board/system - to foster Europe's competiveness in ECS.

Objective 2

Implement data value chains and cross component data analytics to speed up the learning curves by 30%.

Objective 3

Double the predicted lifetime for specific materials and load conditions for ECS applications.

Objective 4

Early detection of unexpected quality relevant events along the ECS value chain by advanced and innovative control concepts.

Objective 5

Reduce the failure rates by 30% and enable life time prediction with connected and new test concepts along the ECS value chain.