Work Plan

iRel40 implies a classical work package structure consisting of 8 work packages. The work package structure is well aligned with achieving the overall iRel40 objectives and thus ideally supports the entire supply chain to foster the reliability attempts (see Figure below).

  • WP1 focuses on ascertainment and specification of reliability requirements and standards.
  • WP2 to WP5 comprise essential technology innovation and
  • WP6 aims to demonstrate applications in the industrial, automotive, transportation aviation and health domain.
  • WP7 focuses on Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization and
  • WP8 adopts professional project management, risk management and the strategic coordination of the project.

iRel40 Overview

WP 2 - Video Presentation

WP 3 - Video Presentation

WP 4 - Video Presentation

WP 5 - Video Presentation

WP 7 - Video Presentation