European Impact of iRel40

iRel40 will strengthen the industrial competitiveness of electronic components and systems for transport and mobility, digital industry and energy application by reliability along the value chain.

Reliability as competitive advantage

  • Today’s reliability approaches are reaching limits. The use of Physics of Failure approaches will help mastering the challenges due to new technologies and demanding use cases. Early understanding of failure modes and mechanisms supported by Physics of Failure methods will allow us to shorten product development times as well as reduce field returns

Contributions to strengthen industrial competitiveness from iRel40

  • Reliability is a key enabler for bringing European electronic products into the market. Understanding reliability along the value chain by a coherent and collaborative chip, package, and board/system approach will lead to a reliable system/subsystem
  • Time to market is a key factor bringing innovation into the market. Improved analytics and theory together with knowledge generation in this large consortium will allow faster development of new products
  • Setting up knowledge on material properties, material interfaces, understanding failures in devices along the value chain including chip, package, and board/system
  • Quality4.0” has outstanding impact to produce semiconductor products in Europe
  • Testing 4.0”: New tests and faster test methods will improve time to market
  • Pro-active virtual DfX strategies based on virtual techniques (e.g. virtual testing, virtual prototyping etc.; see 8.3.2) will lead to the advantage that the development cost will be paid back very fast by the very fast extra profit gained by being first supplier
  • Functional safety - Prognostic Health Management have particular high impact in competitiveness in market segments like automotive, industrial, and infrastructural electronics that are dominated by safely related applications so that the trust of the customer in the quality, reliability and functional safety is of utmost importance

Impact on innovation capacity and generating new knowledge

  • Close collaboration and understanding in respect to reliability over the complete value chain including materials, chip, package, and board/system will generate outstanding knowledge and thus enhance innovation capacity.
  • Close collaboration between leading partners from European industry and academic centers will allow setting up outstanding knowledge on reliability covering the system aspect from chip to the package to the board/system
  • Close collaboration along the value chain including design and modelling, material aspects and production as well as application aspects will generate innovations and allows to set up unique knowledge => we generate T-shaped persons in Europe

More than 30 Industrial Pilots and Application Use Cases demonstrate outstanding innovation potential for iRel40

  • The industrial pilots and application use cases, which are chosen along the value chain from wafer to board/system, will enable new innovations and new business opportunities for the ECS industry.