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VTT is a visionary research and development partner working at the sweet spot where innovation and business come together. We employ more than 2,000 researchers, experimenters, quick-thinkers and problem-solvers who tackle the biggest global challenges of our time through applied research and innovation. Combining unique scientific and technological know-how, we help our customers discover new business opportunities that promote sustainable growth and well-being in society.

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To reach the full potential of wearable electronics, it must become soft, lightweight, thin, conformable to the body and, especially, inexpensive to manufacture. Therefore, electronics must be stretchable and mass-producible. However, reliability is the current bottleneck in the wider acceptance of stretchable electronics, because there is a lack of fundamental understanding of material and component interfaces (i.e. rigid-stretchable) and very limited reliability data available globally.

In iRel4.0, VTT will go beyond the state-of-the-art by providing design rules and design for manufacturability guidelines for reliable stretchable electronics. Technology developments will be demonstrated by realizing industrial use cases in collaboration between research organizations and companies within the project.

Key contribution

VTT’s main role in the project is to gain solid understanding on the phenomena influencing the reliability of stretchable electronics systems, subsystems and components. This includes pilot manufacturing of stretchable test vehicles and demonstrators related to industrial use cases. VTT conducts reliability testing of produced stretchable electronics under selected stress conditions and identifies induced failure mechanisms.

We contribute iRel4.0 also by developing well-documented or standardized test methods for stretchable electronics together with realistic lifetime prediction estimates. VTT acts as the County Coordinator in Finland.


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