Tekne S.r.l.

TEKNE is a qualified and reliable partner in design development and installation of industrial special and military vehicles, and development of products, systems and services related to Electronics for Automotive, Defence & Security. TEKNE is strongly oriented to innovation and keeps cooperation agreements with highly qualified Universities and Research Centres.

TEKNE s.r.l. is a medium size enterprise, present in Italy with around 100 employees (main sites Ortona (CH), Guastalla (RE), Poggiofiorito (CH)). TEKNE offers his clients a 30-year-experience in the field along with the passion of young and skilled technicians.
TEKNE provides technological solutions designed for several markets:

  • Civil security, mobility and terrestrial transports
  • Protection and surveillance of critical infrastructures
  • Wire harnesses, patch boards and electromechanical systems
  • Lifting machineries
  • Defense systems and solutions
  • Special purpose military and industrial vehicles
  • Research, training and consulting services.

TEKNE specialized in applications for harsh environments. In every field of application TEKNE's experience and adaptability permits to produce both small and big lots of the highest quality. That is why important companies (main collaborations are with Thales Italia SpA, IVECO-ASTRA SpA etc.) have chosen TEKNE as their preferential partner. The competences gained on the most competitive international markets and the continuous effort to innovate have allowed TEKNE to export its solutions and to deliver complex projects in many countries.


Technology provider (algorithms and sensors) and Case study provider

  • In WP2: Development of the physical models, to be integrated with the data-driven models (artificial intelligence) provided by academic partners
  • In WP5: sensors for PHM monitoring, integration of hybrid models (physical and data-driven) with sensor data
  • In WP6: Realization and verification of the demonstrator, experimentation to validate solutions with respect to industrial exploitation

Key contribution

Tekne is responsible of UC T-5: Prognostic and Health Management for small series Electric Vehicles

The use case UC T-5 deals with Prognostics and Health Management (PHM).The data-driven solutions apply to on-board electronics at system level: use as input data provided by vehicle Electronic Control Units (ECU), available system and component interdependency specifications, and data collected by additional sensors on which the use case puts special attention.

The use case aims at hybrid PHM solutions too: it combines physic-based models with data-driven knowledge, to better understand data and develop more accurate models; it considers the energy source component whose elements (charger, battery, BMS, DC/DC converter) can require a fine-grained integration due to different reasons such as vehicle price and autonomy.

Tekne Srl

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