The research institute RISE IVF offers qualified research and consultancy services within the core areas of the manufacturing industry with focus on product, process, and production development. It is part of RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), a number of research institutes and over a hundred test beds and demonstration environments.

RISE IVF’s staff of about 170 skilled and highly educated employees carries out applied research, offer qualified research and consultancy services and have extensive experience of participating in international projects, as well as of initiating and coordinating them. Primarily two departments will be involved. The Smart Hardware department will contribute with its expertise in packaging and reliability evaluations of high-performance electronics and ceramic materials.

Recent work has been focused on packaging for high temperature and high-power electronics. Another focus is in materials’ solutions for sustainable energy productions and in automotive applications. New solutions are developed that aims for sustainability combined with production efficiency. The Production department works with big data infrastructures and its associated analytical tools to manage the data value chains in industrial applications.


RISE IVF will be the Swedish national coordinator in the project and have the role of experts in reliability and failure mechanisms, working on physics-based models and their combination with data-driven models. RISE IVF has over 25 years of experience in electronics packaging and the physics-of-failure approach to reliability.

In the past 5 years the work has had a strong focus on new prognostics methodologies, high temperature and power electronics, including Si-, SiC- and GaN-based devices and data value chains. RISE IVF is one of the leading authorities in Europe on reliability of solder joints and board-level electronics assemblies.

Key contribution

RISE IVF's role in the project is focused on supporting activities, tests and analysis.

In WP2 RISE IVF will work on prognostics and reliability management methodologies, physics-of-failure models, and data flows. The work includes identification of crucial failure mechanisms, partly by developing physics of failure-based simulations.

Support will also be given to the work on new sensing functionality, and fusion methodologies, including the development of hybrid models utlizing data value chains and big data infrastructures.

In WP3, RISE IVF will mainly contribute with expertise, methodology and analysis on package-board interactions and in test design as well as performing relevant tests and analyses.


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