Pavotek design and produce first-class electronic and embedded system solutions even the most challenging customer requirements. Our solutions include IP network communication devices, communication / control systems, power transmission / distribution units, unmanned avionics systems, and energy distribution systems with excellent energy efficiency. We build upon our broad experiences to deliver each and every project. We design and manufacture a wide range of products from ruggedized military computers to robust switches and routers that are located in data centers.

As one of Turkey's leading technology base, our country's indigenous technologies in critical areas in terms of national security under the responsibility we have undertaken several strategic initiatives to improve and we have been very successful in this regard. Our products have been extensively tested and used for more than a decade and have reached an excellent field experience.

» We offer complete solutions with our commercial and industrial products sold in both domestic and export markets. «

Combined with our highly ambitious attitude, sensitivity to innovation and our mission-ready execution to experiment new ideas. This led us to have unique products within our portfolio. Crucially, we have gained key competencies in various and complementary issues. This gives us the advantage of discovering solutions that our competitors cannot access. Our goal is to focus on creating value for all our customers by receiving and processing this comprehensive information.

As we develop and produce our own designs, we also offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) service to our customers. Our strategic partnership with Turkey's leading defense industry companies are. We offer complete solutions with our military and industrial products sold in both domestic and export markets. Our R&D engineers turn their ideas and customer requirements into electronic and mechanical designs.

We carry out the entire process consisting of design, production, test and certification stages within our own structure. We are among the few Turkish companies that can design and offer components that meet military and avionic grade certification requirements such as DO-178, DO-254 and DAL-A, DAL-B, DAL-C.

We constantly strive to further develop our capabilities. We have our own Real Time Operating System PavOS and internally developed software and electronic module libraries. We use the lessons learned from our projects in our next projects to further develop these assets, which provide a solid foundation for future work. As Pavotek, our greatest asset is our people we try to support in every possible way. One of our top priorities at Pavotek is to train brilliant brains for the opportunity to reach the potential that can shed light on the future. We support the transformation of academic knowledge into industrial products in universities and we aim to develop long-term cooperation with universities. We invest almost all of our revenues into R&D activities. We are currently investing heavily in research areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Cyber Security.

» One of our top priorities at Pavotek is to train brilliant brains that have the potential to shed light on the future. «


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