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MinDCet is active as an ASIC design centre for power electronics ICs since 2011. Our focus is on BLDC drivers, wide-bandgap gate drivers, DCDC converters, LED drivers, LIDAR drivers and isolated switches/electronic relays. Our turn-key ASIC service is backed by in-house test development and production test.

MinDCet develops encompassing solutions in partnership with the customer by guiding them from the idea stage to the implementation and production of the custom IC. During this process, we take care of the entire development and production chain. Whether your product needs radiation hardening, high temperature-, high-speed-, high-voltage- and high-reliability-capabilities, MinDCet has the expertise and readiness to provide a fitting solution. Our network of partners ensures a stable production flow.

Since 2019, test development and final production testing are conducted in-house in our new cleanroom facilities. This approach offers significant benefits in timing and cost reduction as the characterization and test steps are combined. The closed-loop interaction between our test engineers and IC designers enables short response times, an essential aspect towards a stable production flow. We serve clients in Automotive, Aerospace & Space, Industrial, Medical, Industrial and High-Reliability markets.


In the iREL4.0 project MinDCet is responsible for developing a high-reliability IC design methodology in the IMEC monolithic GaN IC technology. Initially GaN monolithic analog and digital building blocks are developed prototyped and physically validated for process variation, temperature variation and high-temperature accelerated ageing effects.

The outcome of this design of experiments is used to develop a state-of-the-art monolithic GaN IC laser driver for high-demanding short and long range LIDAR systems for the automotive market. This GaN laser driver IC will be functionally demonstrated and subjected to similar reliability tests as explained above. As a result MinDCet will be one of the world pioneers in reliable GaN IC design for demanding applications.

Key contribution

  • The development of a high-reliability design methodology for monolithic GaN IC design.
  • High reliability design of analog and digital building blocks in the monolithic GaN IC technology
  • The design of a state-of-the-art, next generation monolithic GaN IC laser driver for LIDAR applications prototype
  • A demonstrator to drive a solid-state laser with the developed GaN IC.
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