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The Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH (MCL) is an internationally active research institution specialized in materials, production and processing engineering and innovative material applications focusing on metallic materials, ceramic materials and their composites.

MCL is the leading Austrian institution in the field of applied materials science with around 160 employees. The research focuses on the digitalization of materials behaviour along the entire supply chain from material synthesis via materials processing and manufacturing to components in service until their deployment. MCL has a wide range of characterization methods as well as material science knowhow for evaluation and root cause analysis of electronic systems. This knowledge is used to evaluate the reliability of the device from wafer level to package level and is packed to lifetime models.

Technological innovations in the field of sensor integration, new models for load- and lifecycle calculations, new experimental approaches for materials analysis are the main targets. Three main strategic topics are in focus for the IREl40-project:

  • Life-time predictions using semiparametric multi-failure mode models
  • Advanced analytics for thermal management approaches
  • Test procedures and monitoring strategies


Validated hybrid semi-parametric reliability models will be prototyped on embedded CPUs to document the achievable execution time for on-line end-of-life (EoL) and remaining-useful-life (RUL) estimation. As interfaces between different materials constituting an ECS play an important role in the reliability of such systems, specific effort is made to establish, test and optimize the interface characterization technology.

Advanced thermal methods will be used to establish a multi-dimensional knowledge on thermophysical properties of materials and interfaces. MCL directly contributes to use cases (e.g. VCSEL use case of ams AG) by developing a Temperature Sensitive Electrical Parameter (TSEP) concept for the board / system level evaluations.

Key contribution

  • Life-time predictions using semiparametric multi-failure mode predictions
    Goals are (1) hybrid semiparametric lifetime prediction models for main failure modes, and (2) to establish fundamentals for understanding reinforcement mechanisms from chip level to systems in packages.
  • Advanced analytics for thermal management approaches
    Goals are (1) to provide reliable temperature dependent data on thermal properties of involved materials from chip – to system level for input to FE-simulation models, (2) provide a non-destructive method to track physical degeneration of systems from chip- to system level
  • Test and quality procedures
    Goals are (1) Definition of system components requirements, (2) Buildup failure mode catalog (existing experience), and to (3) Characterize material sets and to generate material models f(T).
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