Jožef Stefan Institute

The Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research. The Computer Systems Department at JSI is specialised in comparative statistics, machine learning, metaheuristic optimization, and other AI technologies.

The Computer Systems Department is concerned primarily with the development of advanced computing structures and efficient algorithms for massive-data processing. They are concentrating on self-adaptive systems, modelling and optimizing of complex, dynamic and non-deterministic systems. The research results are implemented within applications for production, transport, energy, bioinformatics, and health.

As an integral part of the research activities, members of the Department have close contacts and collaborations with scientists world-wide, through academic links and industrial contacts, thus enabling us to keep at the forefront of rapidly developing fields. The Department participates in several international project consortia within the programmes of FP7, H2020, and ECSEL/ARTEMIS JU as well as in national industrial projects.


The main role of JSI within iRel40 project is to develop and implement AI methods, and being actively involved into UC T-3 demonstrator. JSI participates in WP1 (specifications), WP2 (prediction methods), WP5 (testing), WP6 (validation) and WP7 (scientific publications). JSI is leading Task 2.2.3 (AI algorithm and model development).

Key contribution

JSI will develop/adapt representation learning methods for learning actionable features that will allow capturing wear-out failures in electric motors and their components. JSI will develop and implement AI and data-driven methods, adopted to the conditional monitoring for in-wheel electric motor. JSI will disseminate the relevant results to the main international scientific journals and conferences.

Jožef Stefan Institute

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