IWO – Institute for Science and Development

IWO is located in Ede, NL. IWO is the shared brandname of 'Stichting IWO' ('Foundation Inst. for Science and Development') and its SME: 'IWO Project bv', which is the formal iRel4.0 partner. IWO seeks to mobilize scientific expertise to support sustainable and social developments. This is mostly done in consortia.

IWO is originally rooted in electrical energy research. IWO is a not-for-profit spin-off from the national electrical research institute KEMA with the reorganization of the European power supply at the end of the 20th century. Although the main activities are related to electricity in its widest definition, it also has projects in socio-economic studies. IWO works with societal groups, governmental bodies, industrial companies and universities world-wide.

IWO is specialized in: reliability and testing statistics, material science and forensics; asset management; super conductivity applications; and hybrid hydrogen-electrical power supply. IWO is currently transferring its expertise from the electric power supply domain to power electronics for two reasons: firstly electric power grid assets and power electronics devices endure comparable electric fields and there is a great resemblance in aging processes. Secondly, power electronics increasingly enter the high-voltage electric power grids.


IWO plays several roles in the iRel4.0 project. The first role is to bring in and lead the Use Case E1 which is about a highly sensitive magnetic sensor for detecting partial discharge signals as precursor for electrical breakdown. The foreseen applications are a quality diagnostic for: 1- buried underground high voltage power cable systems; 2. power electronic devices such as modules.

The second role is to analyze R&D test data and develop methods for statistical analysis for complicated cases, like entangled distributions, determining the similarity of ageing under accelerated ageing tests and dealing with associated censored data. IWO advances smart decision-making. The third role is task leader of T6.4.1 'Impact of application use cases'. Finally, IWO disseminates data analytics techniques and supports partners in interpreting test results.

Key contribution

IWO contributes to the iRel4.0 project with its multidisciplinary capabilities in material science, systematic decision-making based on ongoing data analytics research, expertise in discharge diagnostics, superconductive applications and asset management expertise with various maintenance styles including health index systems. IWO has a standing cooperation with TU Delft where two of its staff held respectively hold a chair in the field of electrical reliability and performance and can supervise PhD candidates.


Zweerslaan 46
6711GG Ede
Phone: +31 611922153
E-Mail: info@iwo.nl, r.ross@iwo.nl