Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l.

Headquartered in Milano, Infineon Technologies Italia represents the Infineon Group in the country; fully integrated in Infineon global organization designs and markets a comprehensive range of semiconductors through research, development and sales support resources.

Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l. is a legally independent subsidiary, with headquarter located in Milano, 100% owned by Infineon Technologies Holding BV, Rotterdam ( It is one of the globally acting research & development centres of the Infineon group. Infineon Italia S.r.l. employs around 280 highly educated and skilled persons. The biggest research and development centre is located in Padova, where around 210 engineers and researchers are developing semiconductor products mainly for the automotive industry.

Since 2001 Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l. focuses its research and development activities on the following areas of competence:

  • Linear Power supply ICs for Automotive
  • High efficiency SMPS ICs
  • Drivers for conventional and LED Lighting
  • Microcontrollers for automotive
  • Design and Enabling Services


We will act as National Coordinator for the Italian Partners. Our main contribution will be in WP4 and WP6, where we will develop an innovative LED Driver Chip that will enable safer and affordable ADB solution for the CAR industry. On the way of continuously increasing road safety, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are playing a very important role.

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) is a technology that increases road safety by maximizing the light intensity where needed while avoiding to glare incoming vehicles and pedestrians. Our role in this project is to develop a Silicon based driver IC, that can be used in ADB applications, suited for direct mount of the LEDs on our Silicon Substrate.

Key contribution

Infineon Technologies Italia has a deep knowledge of IC development, power technologies and project management. We have state of the art design techniques and tools, all required to develop power management ICs like LED drivers and Voltage regulators for the automotive world. Product definition, concept & design, prototyping and characterization in the laboratory, assessment of yield and quality level by analysis of statistical data, support to product qualification process and production ramp is completing our competence profile.

In the last 18 years more than 190 products have been developed and qualified, mostly in the field of power management, drives and lighting and more than 200 patent proposals have been filed by the team in Padua.

Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l.

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