Infineon Technologies IT-Services GmbH

Infineon Technologies IT-Services GmbH is a fully-owned subsidiary company of Infineon Technologies Austria AG located in Klagenfurt / Austria.

Infineon Technologies IT-Services GmbH is a global Center of competence delivering and developing IT services and solutions for approximately 47.400 IFX employees at more than 80 IFX sites on three continents (Asia Pacific, Europe and North America). Currently Infineon Technologies IT-Services GmbH employs 298 permanent staff and approximately 95 contractors from 20 different nations.


Factory Integration (FI) is part of IFKL and responsible for the whole SW lifecycle (incl. Operation) for some major Front End systems,

  • Support IFX requirements engineering
  • Implementation of new features in the existing FI – landscape
  • Integration of possible new SW products / Interface definition

Key contribution

Integrate new solutions and enhance the existing Infineon FI (Factory Integration) landscape to support Infineon activities, like:

  1. Equipment Automation
  2. WIP Flow Management
  3. Architecture, Development and Integration

IFKL has developed knowledge in the area of production automation in the context of digitalization and will implement the identified requirements to support IFAT as “use cases Fab for pilots”

Infineon Technologies IT-Services GmbH (IFKL)

Lakeside B05
9020 Klagenfurt