Hahn-Schickard is a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) in south-west Germany. From first concept to production, our experts develop smart products using microsystem technology. Many years of experience as a development partner provide you with piece of mind when we develop and manufacture your products.

Hahn-Schickard develops intelligent products with microsystems technology: from the initial idea to production - across all industrial domains (2020 expected: 260 FTE staff, 37.8 M€ revenues). As research and development service provider Hahn-Schickard is represented with its institutes at four locations in Baden-Württemberg: in Stuttgart, Villingen-Schwenningen, Freiburg and Ulm. In trusting cooperation with industry, Hahn-Schickard realizes innovative products and technologies in the fields of sensors and actuators, system integration, cyber-physical systems, lab-on-a-chip and analytics, microelectronics, packaging and interconnection technology, micro-assembly and reliability.

The range of services also includes the production of small and medium series as well as the transition to large-scale production. Hahn-Schickard is founding member of EPoSS and a key player in the leading edge cluster microTEC Südwest as well as in the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative (SAE initiative) of the European Commission.


Hahn-Schickard provides sensor systems for the continuous monitoring of thermal, mechanical and electrical loads of electronic components and systems (ECS) as well as contributions to their simulation and modelling. Signal analysis is supported by use of sensor fusion algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Monitoring of temperature / temperature shock induced strain / stress / torque in power electronics
  • Environmental aging tests with temperature and humidity cycling
  • Automatic self-calibration of the sensor chip
  • Prediction of remaining useful life (RUL) using Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Data analysis and data preparation: exploratory data analysis, anomaly detection, dimensionality reduction, sensitivity analysis … using statistics and Machine Learning

Key contribution

During each switching operation, strong thermal loads occur in power electronics, which over time can damage a module to such an extent that it fails. For this reason, special CMOS sensor chips from Hahn-Schickard are to be integrated into power-modules for the first time in the iREL4.0 project. These sensor chips shall (if possible continuously) monitor several signals that allow to detect the causes of damage during operation.

The evaluation of the monitored signals by means of artificial intelligence (Embedded AI/Deep Learning) allows to detect damage patterns and material fatigue at an early stage (Predictive Maintenance).

The practical testing of this innovative approach will be carried out in close cooperation with Schweizer Electronic AG in Schramberg, Germany, and the Austrian partner AVL GmbH.

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