III-VLab, based in Palaiseau, France, develop III-V semiconductor technologies for optoelectronic and high speed and microwave power electronics. For more than 15 years, III-VLab has delivered demonstrators and products at the state of the art for key customers.

III-VLab is a French industrial Research Laboratory created in 2004 by Nokia (at this time Alcatel-Lucent) and Thales. Nokia is one of the leaders in communication technologies (mobile, fixed, IP and Optics technologies), applications and services, while Thales is a major electronic systems company acting in areas such as defence, aerospace, airlines security and safety, information technology, and transportation. In 2010, III-VLab was extended with the entrance of the “Laboratoire d’Electronique et de Technologie de l’Information” (LETI) from CEA in the capital, as well as 20 people from LETI, opening the way to hybrid III-V on Si integration.

CEA is one of the largest public research organisations in France, acting mainly in the fields of low carbon energies, information technologies, health technologies, large research infrastructures and global security. Under the guidance of its members, III-V Lab conducts R&D activities in the field of micro/nano-electronics and photonics semiconductor components for different application, telecoms, space, defence, security, safety, etc.


III-VLab will develop V-Band/E-Band power MMIC for UMS Use Case. This will include AlInGaN/GaN epitaxy on SiC substrate, 0.08µm gate length device processing, circuit design, physical simulation, and reliability study. Most of the work will be realised in WP6 (Use Cases).

Achieved circuits (MMIC) will be used by UMS-F for SiP demonstration. This main objective is addressing state of the art GaN technology with challenging electrical efficiency and output power. An important facet of the study will be dedicated to III-V technology adaptation to SiP requests in particular on their thermal and environmental constraints.

Key contribution

III-VLab brings its recognised expertise in III-V semiconductor. It offers unique ca-pability to study in the same place GaN and alloys epitaxial growth, processing, characterisation, design, modelling, physical simulation and reliability.

Close scientific and technical links between III-VLab and UMS do exist for many years and guaranty successful technological transfers.


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91767 Palaiseau Cedex
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E-Mail: sylvain.delage@3-5lab.fr