Forciot Oy

Founded in 2015, Forciot is a fast-growing provider of stretchable and connected sensor solutions focusing on automotive and logistics technology sectors in global markets. Forciot is based in Tampere, Finland and employs 25 professionals with strong backgrounds from both consumer electronics industries and university research.

Forciot is changing the way how people are sensing the world. With Forciot’s conformable technology, every surface can become a living surface where sensor technology is an integral part of the product. Forciot’s measurement technology is based on printed electronics, smart elastic materials, and embedded algorithm software which combined is used for measuring soft and 3D shaped surfaces – sensing touch, pressure, force, and movement. Forciot’s IP protected technology portfolio is growing fast especially in automotive interior solutions, where typical use cases include human-machine interface and driver/passenger sensing solutions.


As a systems and application developer, Forciot is specifying key technical reliability requirements and development areas derived directly from end-user/customer specific use cases. Also based on the long research and own technology development, Forciot can direct and prioritize reliability development activities to areas seen most challenging in practice.

Forciot has also a wide network of material providers (substrates, conductive inks and polymers and adhesives) and manufacturers for stretchable electronics thus Forciot can identify right suppliers capable of providing specified solutions. On the other hand, as a systems integrator Forciot can efficiently put theory into practice by utilizing research and development results in its design, prototyping, testing and pre-production activities.

Key contribution

  1. Collection and synthesis of system level reliability requirements for stretchable electronics used in pressure/tactile sensing, especially in automotive interior use cases.
  2. Development and verification of reliable materials, structures for the stretchable electronics, focusing especially on application level stretchability, stretch-to-rigid connection interface and roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing.
  3. Development of test methodologies and test equipment for stretchable, printed electronics through deeper understanding of failure mechanisms under both mechanical and environmental stress.
Forciot Oy  

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