Carlos III University of Madrid

The Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) is a public university founded in 1989. Its main goal is to provide specialized education in Engineering, Law and Social Sciences, as well as to become a prime European research Centre. Within the UC3M, the Knowledge Reuse group (KR) is a multi-departmental research group formed by professors, researchers, and scholars from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering
  • Verification and Validation
  • Ontology and Model-based systems engineering
  • System artifacts quality analysis
  • Critical system assurance
  • Software development, management, and measurements processes

The Knowledge Reuse group within the UC3M sets its focus in the definition and implementation of processes, technologies, methods and tools for the improvement of the Systems Engineering practice through a massive and smart use of semantic technologies and knowledge management.

The members of KR have participated in more than 100 projects in its 20+ years of existence, where private companies and organizations have funded around 60% of them as private R+D+i. The publicly funded projects represent currently around 40% of the research. The group holds at present time 4 patents/property rights, one of them at international scale.

The group currently consists of over 40 members, and is conducting research, among others, on the following general topics:

  • Systems & Software Engineering: smart V&V, quality assessment, traceability, model-based systems engineering, requirements engineering, etc.
  • Information (and knowledge) reuse: knowledge repositories, ontologies, inference engines, knowledge reuse, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  • Information & knowledge engineering: natural language processing (NLP), information retrieval, big data and linked data.


UC3M will be a key partner to define and apply AI/ML methods in the implementation of the industrial pilot: IP-1: Smart Digital Twin Testing Environment for digital hardware (Lead: ULMA). From the definition of requirements to the management of evidence for certification purposes, the engineering process of electronic components require the intelligent support of tools that can (1) extract requirements from industry standards, (2) ensure the quality of the engineering process by providing a smart authoring tool that assist the engineers in the development process and (3) help to automatically build smart testing environments by generating test data, test cases and testing components at the same time.

The approach will be based on guiding the whole engineering process using intelligent techniques that take as input the reliability and safety requirements providing support to engineers from the inception of the product (smart authoring) to the V&V process (smart testing environment).

Key contribution

The effort of UC3M will be mainly focused in definition and implementation of the following tasks:

  • Integrate AI and ML methods in design and development processes. In this task, UC3M will work on the convergence between AI/ML and the Systems Engineering process.
  • Implement AI driven models to minimize reliability risks along the whole value chain. Based on the previous definitions, UC3M will implement a new wave of technical engineering processes assisted by AI/ML methods.

Furthermore, UC3M will actively participate in other project-related tasks such as the requirements definition, implementation, verification and validation of industrial pilots. UC3M, as an academic partner, will also contribute to raise awareness of projects results through contributions to international conferences and high-impact journals. UC3M will collaborate in the promotion of project outcomes in international standardization bodies such as OMG, ProSTEP or INCOSE.

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