Newsletter M36

The iRel40 project consortium has prepared a fifth newsletter which includes results until month M36. This newsletter provides the status of eleven selected innovations from nine use cases and two test vehicles, which are single technology bricks. We start with five examples from chip technology, followed by three examples from package and package/board technology, continue with one example from testing, and close with two examples related to applications. The newsletter reports also the summary of four selected deliverables with a focus on applying computer science including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and digital twin technologies, as well as compact modelling and a combination of physics of failure and data-driven models to microelectronics reliability. The list of the most important publication results and a short information about the iRel40 book are listed to describe the dissemination activities of the project. An important part of recent iRel40 activities was participation in EuroSimE2023 with nine contributions and a General Assembly meeting in Crete, which are reported at the end of the newsletter. The newsletter is accessible at Newsletter M36.

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