Newsletter M30

The iRel40 project consortium has prepared a fourth Newsletter (M30). This M30 newsletter first introduces project objectives and key development areas, identified in iRel40, and secondly presents work on eight examples of achieved technical innovations. The last part of the Newsletter is focused on international conferences and workshops, namely EuroSimE 2022, EuWoRel 2022, ESTC 2022, IECON 2022, and ASDAM 2022. The iRel40 team organized and participated in workshops to present results. The progress of the project was discussed at the second General Assembly (GA) meeting in Ljubljana in early November. ASDAM 2022 (co-organized by iRel40 partner StuBa), ESTC 2022 as well as the Ljubljana GA (organized by iRel40 partner JSI) meeting focused on spreading project outcome to Eastern Europe to support strengthening the pan-European network idea. The newsletter is accessible at Newsletter M30.

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