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HAN Universities of applied sciences (HAN), located in Arnhem and Nijmegen, is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands offering bachelor's and master's degree programs to over 36,000 students. HAN offer their students programs that focus on a specific profession in the applied sciences. HAN also carry out applied research and are directly integrated into the study programs. Both lecturers and students participate in these research activities. HAN has close links to the professional field and conducts research for companies and organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.


Within the iRel4.0 project, HAN focuses on developing a prototype for synthetic Partial Discharge generation (PD), PD measurement, signal amplification, signal acquisition for PD detection, and data analysis. The sensitivity and bandwidth of the sensory system will be investigated. Much efforts will be spent on designing the signal processing (amplification & filtering, A/D conversion, processing) and signal classification. Using a practice-based approach, and repeatedly stepping up in accuracy and fidelity, HAN will get the most from our team, with benefits in both research and education.HAN works in close collaboration with IWO and TU Delft.

Key contribution

The key contributions from HAN will be Detecting Partial Discharges (PD) as indicator of electric breakdown in power electronics and electrical power equipment. Focus on:

  • Improving the robustness and sustainability of the power assets using highly sensitive and innovative magnetic sensors.
  • knowledge dissemination within the educational curriculum in bachelor and master level.
  • supplying companies with personnel who are knowledgeable and trained in PD and Health Index. HAN’s Research Group of Balanced Energy Systems has close links to students and teachers at Electrical & Electronic Engineering, positioning it very well for the development tasks in the iRel 4.0 project.

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