Enforma Bilişim A.Ş.

Enforma is a data analytics company performing analyses in a plethora of fields from manufacturing data to telecommunications records, from IoT and health data to data emerging from IP networks and energy production. Our efforts successfully lead to better business intelligence, lower running costs, improved service quality, and lower business risks.

Enforma targets several market verticals such as manufacturing, AI in healthcare, software development lifecycle monitoring and telecommunications, whereby data analytics adds considerable insight. Quality 4.0 is a concept that has strong connotations with predictive analytics, which is the main scope of Enforma. Using our data analytics tools and know-how, Enforma places itself in those pieces of work that are relevant to Quality 4.0 within iRel40. In short, iRel40 will be an enabler to further expand into electronics systems manufacturing value chain.

Enforma has a successful track record of initiating or otherwise partnering in other European projects including SMART-PDM (ITEA), HEALTH5G (CELTIC), IOD (CELTIC) and SmartWind (EUROGIA), where it actively leads the project or is the country coordinator.


We expect to form synergies by connecting our data analytics efforts with needs Arçelik’s use-case (IP-9). While our contribution is in the area of data analytics algorithms, we are operationally capable of assessing and working with electronic and electrical systems (we have PhD in electrical and electronics engineer in team); this further helps bridge the gap between the electronic & electrical system & subsystem and the optimisation layer (data analytics). We also endeavor to constantly update ourselves with the state-of-the-art techniques that will emerge from the consortium work during the course of the project.

We employ CRISP-DM methodology as an approach to solving data analytics problems. The new and pragmatic set of use-cases in the iRel40 project present a great value for us to deliver solutions with beyond SoA algorithms and methodologies.

We are highly geared towards seeing our effort turn into commercial exploitation. Occasionally we go the extra mile by putting effort to ensure that the work we have performed is adopted by business teams.

Key contribution

Enforma aims to contribute primarily to WP2 (“Analytics and Theory for driving Reliability, Cognition & Prediction”), as well as to WP1 (“Application domain relevant Specifications & Requirements on chip-package board/system level”), WP4 (“Quality 4.0 in development and production for advanced reliability”) and WP6 (“Use cases, Demonstrators & Validation on chip-package–board/system level”).

As a data analytics company with understanding of electronic and electrical systems, modelling of and interpretation of data emerging from such systems will be one of crucial roles and contributions.

Separately from technical tasks, we have also taken on the co-leader responsibility for WP7 (“Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization”; co-leader).

Enforma Bilişim A.Ş.

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