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WE ELECTRIFY THE VEHICLE INDUSTRY - FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Our team designs and manufactures electric motors and power electronics for commercial vehicles. We help our customers realize reliable and efficient vehicles for emission-free transport solutions.

Inmotion has been providing industrial power electronics solutions since the 1960's and electromechanical solutions since 1940's. Building upon our solutions for various industrial markets, we have been increasingly focusing our effort on products for electric vehicles since the 1990's. I

nmotion launched its first AC inverters for electric forklift trucks in 1996. This was a starting point for the conversion from DC to AC technology for the whole material handling market.

We were uniquely placed to lead this conversion with our long experience from AC induction controls, as well as servo systems controls in other applications, including robotics and industrial appliances.

To date we have supplied several million inverters to vehicle customers around the world. With our extensive experience from large scale production of both high and low voltage products for vehicles, spanning from golf carts and forklift trucks to city buses and construction equipment, Inmotion is the natural choice for OEMs looking for a long term supplier of power electronics.


Enabling prognostics research and development on high-volume power-electronics.

Key contribution

Enabling IP13 use case, where prognostics research can be applied.

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