IKERLAN is a leading knowledge transfer technological centre providing competitive value to companies, member of the MONDRAGON Corporation and connected to Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA).

IKERLAN is a centre that is dynamic and open to the world. We are an agent credited by the Basque Network of Science, technology and Innovation, and we have a major cooperation network integrated by renowned European centres and universities, with which we conduct activities of research and training of researchers.

IKERLAN is a point of reference for innovation, dedicated to advanced technology transfer to industry and comprehensive product development (from concept to implementation) for a wide variety of sectors: transportation (railway and vertical), automation, industrial, medical, home appliances, etc.

IKERLAN works closely with companies to improve their competitiveness through the application of technological knowledge to develop innovative products and, on the other hand, new tools and methodologies for implementation in design and production processes.


Ikerlan has a wide experience in smart data acquisition, stream, integration and monitoring including data analytics and modelling applying advanced techniques for data processing and can provide to iRel40 their knowledge combining their three domains of specialization: (i) Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies (EICT), (ii) Energy and Power Electronics (iii) and Advanced Manufacturing.

IKERLAN can be involved in the research and development of embedded technologies and systems for safety, security, power electronics, sensing and communications. These domains have a proven experience in the development of safety-critical/safety-related embedded systems, and in certification based on the IEC-61508 standard. Whereas, the latter domain can be in charge in the deployment of the tools for big data analysis.

Key contribution

1. Design practices developing to improve the reliability of a multipurpose electronic platform for safety-related control applications. Electronic components design improvement, based both in simulated data and field data analysis.

2. Reliability analyze considering the impact of operational context variables, including environmental conditions, specifically focusing on the use case regarding the smart mobility transport.

3. Total Cost of Ownership quantification for optimizing maintenance decisions

4. Dissemination of the most relevant research and development carried out in the project, both in practitioner and research networks


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