Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (WHZ)

As a modern practice-oriented educational institution the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences is conducting applied research in an efficient structure. Scientific and technological services resulting from this work are offered as research, development and transfer services for the region and beyond. Research and development are performed in a close interrelation to teaching and instruction.

The Optical Technologies group is a part of the Leupold-Institute of the University of Applied Science Zwickau. The group is primarily active in the field of optical metrology and bio-photonics. Most of the preliminary research topics were located outside of the established metrology at the edge of extremes such as low sensitivity and low-level signal to noise ratios.

Beside of the realization of the respective optical setup the focus is still on improving the data analysis, image processing, and error analysis. Within the field of the proposal the working group has gained experience especially by conducting several research projects.


As part of the project, WHZ’s role is the development of technological fundamentals for selective local laser-based surface healing. The aim is to develop a CO2 laser-based high-speed micro melting process. The required methods for the simulation of the process in connection with the optical process measurement technology to be developed for this purpose will enable the targeted treatment of the damaged substrates. WHZ will focus on the scientific exploration of topics within iRel4.0 and will assist other partners to ensure application and transfer into industrial use cases.

Key contribution

WHZ will perform topography and roughness measurements of surfaces in relation to optical measurement methods (such as Haze and spectral transmission). In addition to the topographical analysis of the surface, the composition of the elements and their local changes in the progress of the damage process will be analyzed. Furthermore, the accompanying change of the surface energy of surfaces will be investigated. The application of a process related heat pretreatment and post-treatment will also be simulated, investigated and dimensioned. With the aid of the accompanying process measurement technology, different temporal sequences of the CO2 laser-based melting process will be systematically investigated. The achieved surface properties will be evaluated.

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