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The TUC group “Materials and Reliability of Microsystems” focuses on method development concerning lifetime modeling based on physics-of-failure principles, i.e. process-structure-property correlations with respect to degradation in simulation and experiment from material to system level.

The TUC group “Materials and Reliability of Microsystems” focuses on material, technological as well as reliability aspects of micro-electronic systems within a physics-of-failure (PoF) based paradigm. The group has a longstanding experience in studies on reliability and thermal management in microsystem technology by both simulation (MD and FE Method) and experiments (materials testing, micro- and nano-analytical methods) on bulk, interface level and system level.

The combination of numerical with experimental and failure analytical methods is the core activity. In the group exists a wide experience concerning lifetime modeling for different interconnect technologies and difficult stress problems related to effects in microelectronics and microsystems technology. The group has special competencies regarding custom-made equipment for thermo-mechanical loading as well as for failure analytical characterization of systems, especially with those based on thermographic principles.


As reliability partner with longstanding experience in applied and industry-related reliability challenges TUC will contribute with PoF-based lifetime models to predict thermo-mechanical reliability under given loading conditions and develop accelerated testing methodologies for rapid screening of materials and joining technologies.

Thereby, it contributes to the key-objectives of the project to enable fast and accurate reliability prognoses in close cooperation with industry partners under application-relevant boundary conditions, generating understanding and testing guidelines. Special focus is on mixed mode and subcritical fracture-mechanical data generation for simulation input, which also involves FE-Simulation.

Key contribution

TUC contribute with its competencies to characterise, understand and describe packaging technologies w.r.t. degradation and reliability under accelerated testing. The part for TUC is (1) applying their methods to novel materials and packaging technologies, (2) understanding process-structure-property correlations w.r.t. degradation of those materials and integrate that information into PoF-based lifetime models, and (3) to develop / adapt customized testing hardware to materials and interfaces under subcritical loading for accelerated testing purposes incl. simulation.

Per WP, TUC contributes with: (WP 2) Concept development & PoF-based lifetime modelling for different interconnect technologies, (WP 3) Material & interface characterisation, development and adaption of testing hardware, and (WP 5) Accelerated stress testing and failure analysis for the packaging technologies involved and model validation.

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