Sensitec GmbH

Sensitec is a technology leader in magnetoresistive sensor technology. For 30 years staff members developed and fabricated innovative sensor solutions for applications in automotive, space, industry automation, measurement and test as well as renewable energies, medical technology and biotechnology.

Sensitec GmbH (Germany) designs, develops and fabricates magnetoresistive Sensors (AMR, GMR, TMR) inhouse in its own wafer fab in Mainz and system assembly at the headquarter in Wetzlar. Main sensor solutions are current sensors usable e.g. for electrical speed drives or power electronic inverters and converters, positions sensors for industrial equipment, automotive control and medical tools, scanners for non-destructive testing, contactless switches for pacemakers/implanted defibrillators.

Sensors for motor encoders are even applied under harsh environment in space vehicles on Mars since 2004. Sensitec was founded as a research institute in 1989 and merged into an industrial company in 1999. Since 2021 Sensitec belongs to the sensor manufacturer Sinomags Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. based in Ningbo/China. With partners from industry and research Sensitec develops new solutions of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in the frame of public funded projects.


Sensitec will lead the industrial pilot 17 “Reliable xMR- sensor based Current Measurement Module”. Within this activity a small group of project partners will investigate, simulate and test current sensor modules with increased reliability based on a better understanding of the physics of failure and a new selection of materials as well as process improvements.

Intelligent analysis of data from production and testing of the modules and its components applying KI algorithms shall be utilized to increase reliability and decrease cost of production. A special focus shall be on harsh environment taking into account an increased temperature range between -40°C and 165°C.

Key contribution

Besides leading the industrial pilot IP17 Sensitec will contribute to the development of more reliable AMR current sensor components and moduls. Beyond this Sensitec will cooperate with project partners to improve production and testing processes in thin film technology aiming at more reliable sensor products even under harsh environment applications.

Sensitec GmbH

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