Schweizer Electronic AG

Schweizer Electronic AG is a company for high-tech printed circuit boards and innovative solutions. SCHWEIZER is a player with an unrivaled technological portfolio and the highest quality standards.

Schweizer Electronic AG stands for state-of-the-art technology and consultancy competence. SCHWEIZER’s premium printed circuit boards and innovative solutions and services for automotive, solar, industry and aviation electronics address key challenges in the areas of Power Electronics, Embedding and System Cost Reduction. Its products are distinguished for their superior quality and their energy-saving and environmentally friendly features. With their new high-tech plant in Jintan, China, SCHWEIZER enables highly competitive products to be made using a unique production concept with guaranteed supply chain security in Europe.

Together with its partners WUS Printed Circuit (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Meiko Electronics Co. Ltd. and Elekonta Marek GmbH & Co. KG the company offers in its division electronics cost- and production optimised solutions for small, medium and large series. Together with its partner Infineon Technologies AG, SCHWEIZER plans to jointly tap the chip embedding market in future. The company was founded by Christoph Schweizer in 1849 and is listed at the Stuttgart and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges.


In its role as a PCB manufacturer, SCHWEIZER is an active part of the supply chain for electrical systems in Europe. SCHWEIZER will contribute with knowledge on all topics related to printed circuit boards and applications, as well as with knowledge and work-packages on failure mechanism on board/system level. Further, SCHWEIZER is actively working on novel and future high-performance materials, quality standards during development and production, testing during production and, finally, SCHWEIZER will contribute with demonstrator design, demonstrator fabrication and in-house testing and analysis (e.g. thermal cycling).

SCHWEIZER is already an active part of the European supply chain. Together with the project partners, SCHWEIZER will strengthen and advance the knowledge about high-tech electrical systems for the whole industrial environment.

Key contribution

As a high-tech manufacturer, SCHWEIZER manufacturing and research activities of the last decade are solely focused on products which exceed the state-of-the-art technology. Innovations are planned in every aspect of today’s PCB, namely

  • Material selection: SCHWEIZER is working on the processing of novel materials with high performance (CTE, glass transition temperature, thermal conductivity, reduced aging, etc.).
  • Embedding: The embedding of critical system components allows for increased reliability and performance as well as for IP protection, miniaturization and system cost reduction.
  • Surfaces: SCHWEIZER is already a leading manufacturer of high-quality PCB surfaces, e.g. for direct bonding with highest reliability. Novel technologies (e.g. DIG) can further increase the performance.
  • Testing: SCHWEIZER is actively working on introducing advanced testing during manufacturing, which is e.g. necessary to validate embedded components.
  • Quality: Automated fabrication processes and monitoring will be developed to further increase the quality standards.
Schweizer Electronic AG

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