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Pumacy Technologies AG is a leading provider of knowledge management and data analytics solutions. Founded in 2000, Pumacy is a spin-off from the Produktionstechnisches Zentrum (PTZ), and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK).

Pumacy’s smart service solutions cover the technical, methodical and organizational aspects of (big) data analytics and related context-sensitive solutions. This comprises the employment of cyber-physical systems, industrial IoT components and sensor-based wearables solutions in industrial environments. Pumacy has customers who are known as leading manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding industry as well as in the plant and machinery industries.

From the data analytics perspective, Pumacy has a vast degree of expertise in data aggregation, data mining, process-mining, as well as in the application of semantic technologies. For this purpose, Pumacy brings in both technical expertise and prototypes of software tools for context-oriented services, big data analytics and decision support.


In iRel40, Pumacy develops concepts, methods and software tools for a Quality 4.0 platform to monitor and predict the reliability of electronic components and systems. As a research-oriented German SME, Pumacy will be bring in its expertise and technology in visualization platforms, big data analysis and machine learning.

Our technology allows to aggregate and to map data from both production (e.g. sensor and other process data) and operational use (field data). By employing semantic modelling and process mining, our solutions can evaluate heterogeneous data sources to identify bottlenecks and quality risks in a production line and thereby improve product reliability.

Key contribution

Using existing key technologies such as data mining, machine learning and search-based applications, Pumacy will develop technology demonstrators:

  • The FieldWatch platform to aggregate and process the heterogenous data sources from design, manufacturing and operation. This platform will be used as the basis for an assessment, prediction and early warning system with regards to component/system reliability.
  • Quality 4.0 dashboards for a continuous process monitoring, identification of reliability issues and decision support.

The efficiency and key benefits of both outcomes will be demonstrated and adjusted to different industrial use cases. Exploitation of these results will help to improve competitiveness of the production environments of the project partners.

Pumacy Technologies AG

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