Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems

World leader, Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems supports 67 brands in their challenges. Intelligent Fuel Systems, solutions for storage and depollution are suitable for all engines: diesel, gasoline, hybrids or plug-in hybrids. The Group is innovating in alternative technologies and is taking up the challenge of the electric car equipped with a fuel cell and hydrogen tanks.

Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems is world leader in onboard energy supply and emission reduction systems for all types of powertrains. With 21 Million Systems delivered in 2019, and a market share of 22%, Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems is market leader in its field.

To meet ever-stricter environmental standards, the Group develops and produces fuel systems for thermal and hybrid engines along with light-weighting and streamlining solutions that reduce emissions. At the same time, it is investing in hydrogen storage solutions for a zero-emission electric car. Plastic Omnium is a major player in energy transition.


As the use case for IP-8 PLASTIC OMNIUM acts as the system integrator for the Belgian consortium.

Key contribution

PLASTIC OMNIUM as the world leader in supplying high performance clean energy storage systems provides the use case in which the reliability of the whole mechatronic sub-systems will be under study by Belgian partners to improve overall reliability. PLASTIC OMNIUM will actively work in all work packages of iRel4.0 from the definition of the specifications and communications, to the acquisition, process and storage of the data in both hardware and software.

Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems

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