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Screentec is a Finnish contract manufacturer of printed electronics. Screentec develops and manufactures human-machine interfaces, personal protective equipment, disposable medical electrodes and sensors for its’ customers. Our products are found in various demanding environments like hospitals, vehicles, professional kitchens and heavy industry.

Screentec was founded in Oulu, one of the leading European high-tech centres, in 1989. Screentec started out as a manufacturer of Switch Membrane keyboards and its’ high-quality products are used in a whole range of demanding environments, where wear resistance and absolute operating reliability are a must; Mass transit, security systems, hospitals, vehicles and industrial applications. For over 10 years Screentec has also provided manufacturing solutions for Disposable Wearable Medical Electrodes for both diagnostic and therapeutic use. Our experience in working with traditional electronics as well as printed electronics allows us to offer our customers integration solutions that are both of the required quality and fitting cost.

In addition to our other services Screentec also started to produce during 2020 various PPE products, such as surgical masks, FFP3 masks and splash shields. The reason behind this move are the strong messages from the healthcare sector about the urgent need for various disposable products.

Through our network of capable partners, we are able to offer turnkey manufacturing solutions to our customers which are easily scaled throughout the product lifecycle.


Screentec is an expert on printed electronics manufacturing and combining traditional electronics to printed electronics. Our role in iRel project is supporting project partners on product design and manufacturability in field of printed electronics. We will concentrate especially in the case UC DI-1 “Stretchable Sensor”.

We aim to further development our capability of mass manufacturing methods for medical and industrial fields as well as component assembly processes for large scale manufacturing. Also in very important role is quality control and testing improvement for printed electronics, including component integration, packaging and increasing shelf time.

Key contribution

Screentec will work closely with Forciot and VTT to contribute to the Use case UC DI-1 “Stetchable Sensor”. Screentec’s contribution to the Use case is based on the manufacturing capabilities and mass manufacturing of sensors. We will focus on main growth pain points in the market for rapid prototyping and manufacturability of new disruptive products in field of medical wearables, sport wearables and diagnostic device.

Screentec is open to help other project partners in topics related to proto and mass manufacturing of printed electronics.

Screentec Oy

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