NiniX Technologies NV

NiniX Technologies is a Belgian SME, headquartered in Brugge, adding value by designing, engineering and manufacturing reliable sensor- and electronic modules for harsh environments & automotive applications. NiniX provides technological solutions for the process-automation of sealing electronics.

NiniX Technologies is offering engineering as well as manufacturing services following IATF 16949 and ISO13485. NiniX is your partner for design, engineering, validation and manufacturing of sensor- and electronic modules for harsh environments and automotive applications. Expertise in improving reliability by potting process technologies for sealing electronics: NiniX is adding value with providing solutions for improving reliability of your products and processes.

NiniX is contract manufacturer for assembly, cleaning, plasma-treatment, gluing & potting of electronic modules.

Development & manufacturing partner for customized bonding, sealing and dispensing processes.

NiniX offers complete solutions for automation of processes and building assembly lines, including product, mechanical, electrical design, software development, data acquisition, process control, testing & visual inspection, installation & acceptance on site.

Experienced System integrator with materials & product design consultancy, in-house process technologies.


SME partner in Belgian consortium. Realization, together with the Belgian partners, of the industrial pilot IP-8 aiming at improving the reliability of the fuel system for plug in hybrid electric vehicles, eventually resulting by integration and validation of the research results by means of a demonstrator. NiniX Technologies will focus on the development of the hardware of the sensor modules for IP8.

Key contribution

Key Contribution is the sensor hardware development for the Belgian industrial Pilot (IP8): Integration of the smart semiconductor sensors and ASICs provided by the component suppliers into sensor modules.

Hardware & embedded software development and manufacturing (small production) of the smart sensor modules for IP-8.

Contribution to the application of new materials and processes for sealing/potting electronic circuits. Cooperation with the relevant other partners in the field of reliability testing (as DOE) to derive the influence parameters as potting materials and production-processes on lifetime reduction of the smart sensor modules. Assist in obtaining reliability data from demonstrator of IP8.

NiniX Technologies NV

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