TU Wien

The TU Wien is the largest Austrian scientific and technical research and educational institution, containing eight faculties and 57 institutes. A total of 27.500 students and 5.000 employees, of which around 2.800 are scientific staff, contribute to the university’s achievements following the motto “Technology for People”.

The entirity of the university’s competence is built upon the contribution of the divisions of academic fields. Our academic programs cover Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geodesy and Geoinformation, Computer Sciences, Computer Science Management, Teacher Training, Urban and Regional Planning, Technical Chemistry, Technical Mathematics, Technical Physics, Chemical and Process Engineering, Business Informatics, Mechanical Engineering and Interfaculty studies.

The TU Wien is participating in Intelligent Reliability 4.0 with two research divisions of the Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics (CTA) within the Faculty of Technical Chemistry: the Division of Electrochemistry and the Division of Imaging and Instrumental Analytical Chemistry.

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The Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics offers a remarkable combination of industrially driven applied research and development with an exceptional pool of scientific equipment applied for advanced material characterization. With our broad range of tools for electrochemical and chemical analysis (e.g. EIS, CV, LA-ICP-MS, LIBS, XPS, ToF-SIMS, …), combined with the knowledge to design and perform representative experimental setups and the experience in analytical method development and corrosion research we provide a contribution for the elongation of the material related predicted lifetime of semiconductor components and the decrease of the failure rate.

Key contribution

TU Wien is active in work package 3 (Advanced and functional materials and interfaces) and leader of Task 3.4.1 (Aging of materials and interfaces in harsh environments). Our main contribution is the design, development, construction and establishment of a new extended weathering system with in-situ electrochemical measurements, used for accelerated stress testing of bare metals, polymers and polymer-metal interfaces typically used in the semiconductor industry. The test environment is defined as harsh regarding the presence of corrosive gases, high temperatures and relative humidity as well as an applied bias. Together with Infineon, KAI and the University of Bremen we are part in user case E-3, lead by Fraunhofer IFAM. There, our weathering system will be used for testing of new developed corrosion prevention materials, followed by in-depth chemical analysis of us and our partners.

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