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AT&S is one of the globally leading manufacturers of high-end printed circuit boards and IC substrates. AT&S develops and produces high-tech solutions for its global partners, especially for applications in the areas of communication, computer and consumer electronics, mobility, industry and medical technology.

From high-performance computers to smartphones, hearing aids and driver assistance systems to industrial robots – printed circuit boards play a key role at the heart of any electronic application and high-tech device. When it comes to processing ever-increasing amounts of data faster and faster, interconnection solutions from AT&S enable a wide variety of applications in our modern world. From its headquarters in Leoben, Austria, AT&S has successfully developed and manufactured high-end products for a global customer base. With six production sites in Europe and Asia, (two in Austria and China, one in Korea and one in India) AT&S supplies state-of-the-art interconnection solutions for mobile devices, industrial electronics and automotive applications as well as medical and health technology.

AT&S manufactures IC substrates for notebooks, desktops and servers. Leading edge trends in the electronics industry such as an increasing networking of vehicles, machine-to-machine communication in the industrial segment or wearables like smart watches in the mobile devices segment require further miniaturization – this also applies to the printed circuit board. AT&S anticipates these trends and thinks ahead when developing the appropriate PCB technologies for large-scale production.


iRel40 has focus on the value chain chip-package-board/system: Through modeling and simulation, through deepened understanding using Physics of Failure, with new materials, designs for reliability, real time feedbacks in production lines, improved tests, predictive algorithms and the use of all available data to learn faster with AI and ML.

As part of the project, AMS will contribute in the development of reliability models based on Physics of Failure. In addition, AMS will develop electro-optical testing concepts that will enable improved reliability testing and failure prediction. Overall, AMS will lead one use case, three different tasks and will contribute in 20 other tasks in this project.

Key contribution

  • Co WP lead for WP 3
  • Task lead for task 2 3 4 (Compact models)
  • AT&S contributions to WP 1 WP 2 WP 3 W 4 WP 6
  • Focus of research in WP 1 2 and 3 will be the development of a Finite element based reliability prediction toolset comprising
    • valid and physically accurate models for material and interfaces
    • highly automatized workflow for a fast efficient use in standard product development process
  • WP 4 activities focus on implementation of Quality 4.0 concepts in development and production for advanced reliability:
    • Integrate AI based image and data pattern processing
    • Establish Health factor concepts across the workflow
  • Validation of virtualLabs concept in IP 11 in WP 6
  • Additional contribution to WP 7 (dissemination)

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